How to Get 75% Off On Any FastComet Shared Hosting Plan?

FastComet offers multiple types of web hosting which also include shared hosting. In shared hosting, your website shares its server with several other sites. Shared Hosting is specifically for individuals who are just starting and have low website traffic. The other reason for this is shared hosting's inexpensive price; FastComet costs a very low amount for its shared hosting. FastComet's shared hosting is full of amazing features and extravagant performance for such a small price. These features include SSD-only storage, free SSL certificates, and fast 24/7 support. Their uptime and loading speed takes it to just another level. Above all, its shared hosting is extremely cost-efficient.

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75% FastComet Coupon Code 2021

FastComet's shared hosting is very inexpensive but if you are still in search of a discount, we have a few here. FastComet offers multiple types of discounts on its shared hosting and other services to better serve its customers and attract more. FastComet shared hosting's most basic plan will cost you about $10 in usual. You can reduce that amount down to roughly $3 by availing of their discount. If you are struggling to find any discount, don't worry. Because we've done that for you and gathered FastComet's discounts below:

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FastComet brings various discounts according to the customers' needs time by time. Nowadays, they have a discount titled Spring Sale. By using the coupon code below or you can find more deals here, you can have a 65% discount on your FastComet shared hosting:Coupon Code: SPRING65

FastComet Hosting

About FastComet Hosting:

FastComet is a web hosting solutions provider based in San Fransico, USA. It was established in 2013. They are a fast-growing hosting provider with over 50,000 active clients. FastComet offers multiple services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated, and WordPress hosting. They claim to be providing an incredible uptime of 99.99% and a fast loading speed. Their prices are cheap but not the cheapest. And that is the reason for their services having a plethora of jaw-dropping features.

FastComet Hosting Features:

FastComet's services have a lot of astounding features like incredible uptime, fast loading speed, free CDN, and a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. Some of these features are given below:


FastComet has an incredible uptime of 99.98%. This is not what they claim, but the result of multiple tests by others. Their average uptime is better than many of the mainstream hosting providers.

Multiple Data Centers

FastComet has 11 data centres around the world. You can always choose any three of them. These data centres are spread around four continents: Asia, Europe, America and Australia. Having multiple data centres gives a better visiting experience to anyone no matter where he comes from.

Cloudflare CDN

They offer Cloudflare CDN (content delivery network) for free. This copies the data on your website and stores them at multiple locations around the globe so a user will have a fast speed of your site anywhere.

One-Click Installer

FastComet has a one-click WordPress installer. If you want to install other apps like Joomla, you can also do that because there are over a hundred apps available to install with a single click.


FastComet has its own control panel but it still lets you install the world-famous control panel cPanel with a single click. This control panel is simple and easy to use for newbies. All aspects of your website can be controlled from this control panel with simple clicks.

SSL Certificates

They offer free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates with all of their plans. An SSL certificate builds your trust in your website's user if he is entering his personal data on your site.SSD Storage:FastComet gives free SSD storage with all of their hosting plans. Other hosting providers charge an extra amount for SSD storage. An SSD storage speeds up the loading time and other things of your website with incredible stats.

Money-Back Guarantee:FastComet offers a lengthy money-back guarantee of 45 days for all of its shared hosting plans. You can also have your money back on VPS and dedicated hosting plans before7 days. This kind of guarantee symbolizes their self-belief and confidence about their services.

24/7 Support

They offer fast customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Their support team can be reached through live chat, ticket, and email. Their support team is friendly and trustworthy. They will solve your issue within hours.

FastComet Pricing and Plans:

FastComet's basic plans are quite inexpensive but they are still not the cheapest web hosting provider out there. As you go higher, the price keeps getting bigger. But you probably know why; the resources and performance. They mainly offer 3 kinds of plans and each of those plans have three deals. There are also huge discounts being offered by them.

Their main plans include:

FastComet Shared Hosting:

This is the most popular and cheapest plan. This plan has three sub-deals. The lowest of which starts at $3.48 a month. 15 GB SSD comes with even the lowest plan. cPanel, Softaculous, free website and free domain transfer are the notable features of the FastComet shared hosting plan.

FastComet Cloud VPS Hosting:

This is a bit expensive plan but the resources are truly worth the price. There are four sub deals in this plan. The starting price for the cheapest one among these four deals is $47.95 per month. A single CPU core with the basic plan and up to six cores with the most advanced plan is offered. SSD extends from 50 GB to 80 GB as you go to higher deals.

FastComet Dedicated Servers:

This is the most expensive plan of all. Four sub deals are also offered under this plan. The cheapest plan starts at $111.19 per month. The cheapest plan includes 2 cores of the powerful AMD EPYC CPU which are increased to 16 cores at the most expensive plan. Also, an SSD of up to 640 GB is offered with this plan among other extravagant features.

Bottom Line:

FastComet is a growing web hosting provider which offers shared hosting and other services. Their price is not the cheapest but reasonable. They offer various discounts to keep the price down for some time. In this FastComet discount guide, we've shown you how to get a discount of up to 75% on FastComet shared hosting.